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Sponsored Articles

We create your advertiser’s sponsored content for you to publish it on your website.

Sponsorship Builder

We make it easy also for advertisers and agencies to create sponsored posts with our straight-forward tool.

Do advertisers & agencies want to keep full control over their creatives and campaigns? Give them the power!

Creative builder for print and digital media

They can generate their own creatives in a matter of minutes.

Advertising on your own print media

Also, define creative size, price and scheduling.

And what about pricing options, audiences lists, channels & formats? Want more advantages?

Many different pricing options

Sell your traffic at rate card cost, create your promotion or configure your package with fixed CPM and budget.

Easy audience list creation

Build and select custom audience lists for a more accurate targeting.

Multiple channels & formats

Take advantage of your entire media production by exploring the possibilities of many different channels and formats.

Display Ads

Run banner ads on your web site or app.

Advertising on Social Audiences

Leverage your advertisers' and agencies' social content.

Native Ads

Integrate your advertiser’s content on your own digital media.


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And if you always wanted to open the door to advertisers of all sizes, now you can.

Here is how it works

No matter where they are, advertisers and agencies of all types and sizes can create an account directly from your website in no time.

They can set up and manage their own campaigns on a user friendly interface, fully customized to match your website’s look and feel and, also, fully adapted to the particular needs of every advertiser.

No experience?
No problem

The interface will guide advertisers through the whole process of building creatives and setting up campaigns.

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